Academy For Medical Simulations is an organization dedicated to saving lives. ​ We offer a variety of courses for Health Care & Non Health care Providers daily at our location. The courses ranges from Basic Life Support ,Heart Saver First Aid CPR AED , Workplace First Aid & CPR , Airway Management, ECG & Pharmacology , Paediatric Advanced Life support to Advanced Medical Training for those in the hospitals or ambulance service. In addition to our public programs, we also offer On Site Training for those worksites that wish for us to come to them. We provides a consistent, video-directed, instructor-facilitated approach to teaching and learning lifesaving first aid, CPR and AED that is used by thousands of private and public organizations. Our training programs are ideal for workplace safety instructors or instructors with little or no emergency medical or other healthcare expertise. Training is available through traditional classroom and blended learning options.

Our vision

To become a global provider of healthcare education and research . We promote First Aid & Emergency Medical Training for General Public and Advanced Life Saving Training Programs for healthcare providers.

Did you know?

95% of sudden Cardiac Arrest victims die before reaching the hospital due to ineffective CPR!
Brain death from lack of Oxygen usually begins in 4 minutes and is usually complete in less than 10 minutes!
Immediately providing CPR can DOUBLE a person's chance of survival!

Why choose us to do your First Aid Training?

Simple really. We are highly certified instructors that make time for you, so you get the absolute best in First Aid Training. We only use the best materials and equipment so that it relates to real world situations and not just a classroom setting. Take a look at the diversity of the First Aid Training Courses we offer compared to any other First Aid Organization, and you'll soon realize we mean our Goal , because we mean Safety!